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How and why does Google filter reviews?

According to Google’s guide on flagging reviews “Google uses automated spam detection measures to remove reviews that are probably spam. Although legitimate reviews are sometimes inappropriately removed, these spam prevention measures help improve people’s experiences on Google by ensuring that the reviews they see are authentic, relevant, and useful.”

Essentially Google is always trying to fight fake reviews, and the rest of the businesses on Google are getting caught in the crosshairs. 

From my personal experience, the reviews that go live seem to be most often made with mobile phones, with emails that are being used regularly (if it’s a new email or an email that isn’t logged into much it probably won’t post). It also seems to help if they did “driving directions” to your GMB before leaving the review. I suggest everyone us QR codes or other in person review methods.

Reasons Google says they remove reviews:

How can I tell if Google is filtering my reviews?

The most obvious way to tell is if your total number of reviews have gone down, or if your customers tell you they left the review, but it hasn’t been posted. In those cases ask the customer to send a screenshot of the review, you can use this when talking to Google to get the review live. 

*There is actually a new update that is most likely coming to all GMB soon, which shows both the business owner and the reviewer if the review was published, pending, or rejected. 

Get Google Reviews Back

How to get your reviews back!

1.) Log in to your GMB by searching “My business” in Google chrome. Click the three dots and choose the Help & Support icon.

Get Google Reviews Back

2.) In the search box, type- reviews aren’t showing up- click the article Understand Missing & Delayed Reviews

Help Get Google Reviews Back

3.) Go over guidelines:

*Optional* Read through that article and make sure you’re not doing anything against any of the guidelines. Google’s guidelines. Google can penalize your reviews if you aren’t following them!

4.) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click - Contact Us

Get GBP Reviews Back

5.) Go through the 3 prompts of Contact Us:

Get GMB Reviews Back

6.) Fill out the form:

Give reviewer names if possible, this will help speed up the process.

Help with Google Reviews

7.) Reply to their email with your request:

After you submit the form, you’ll receive an automated email letting you know support has received your request. At the BOTTOM of the email is a little blurb saying if you need further assistance respond to this email

 *** This is important, you won’t be connected with a Google representative if you don’t respond to the email!

For your email, be as kind and clear as possible, don’t be angry, explain your circumstances and that you are struggling with reviews showing up.

Example Automated Email:

Example Email Response:

8.) Wait for Google’s Response:

Google will respond to your message in the same thread so watch your email. They usually take 1 week (in our experience) to respond. 

In this email they let us know that reviews had been reinstated. If they make any requests for changes, make. Google Reps could even call you at this stage to say that your reviews have been reinstated.

9.) Enjoy your new friend at Google!

The beauty after you get your reviews reinstated, is that you now have a contact with a Google rep in charge of reviews. If you ever have issues with reviews not showing up, you can email the same thread and ask them to help. Send the names or screenshots of the missing reviews. Sometimes they won’t get back to you write away, be patient and keep trying to contact them if you don’t hear back in a week.


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