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We Hate To See You Go! But here is what happens when you leave...

This information has been listed and signed in every agreement of ours dating back to 2011
Updated: 6/14/22 - Added Lead Automation Addendum

Cancelling the Active Agreement

If at any time during our tenure, the client chooses to discontinue service, Streamline Results requires a 30-day notice of cancellation.  This means that there will typically be one more billing cycle on our end prior to fully canceling the account.  Streamline Results chooses this method of cancellation instead of locking our clients into long-term agreements with pricy buyouts.

We have monthly costs associated with every single account of ours, so this is instituted to protect ourselves from customers canceling a day before their billing date and running out on the bill. 

Pay Per Click Services

Unless you are spending more than $5,000/mo on AdWords & Facebook Ads, you are most likely on our net 30 program for pay per click. This means we run your budget, and bill you after Google/Facebook bills us. Within 48 hours of cancellation, we pause your daily spend so no further daily budget usage accrues. There will most likely be a remaining balance on the account that will be billed accordingly to zero out this portion.


Streamline Results typically builds a brand new website for each of our customers as they are onboarded. This is ALWAYS YOUR WEBSITE!  You can request a copy of this at the time of cancellation and you will receive a download link to put it on another hosting platform.

We do also offer hosting services on our premium servers for $30/mo. 

Phone Numbers

Your account most likely uses a call tracking line. This number is allocated to our business name, and the only way we can transfer these numbers is to port them over to you. Since there are charges involved with these numbers, we cancel them after 7 days of cancellation takes effect.

Note: There are services that scour the web for phone numbers that expire and automatically claim them. We are not involved in or can control this process and you should consult the new owner for reclaiming these if you want to continue using them.

Lead Automation Software

We partnered with a CRM called All In One that is used for all of our lead generation automation, reactivation campaigns, email marketing, SMS marketing and more. If not requested to export, all this information is deleted after 7 days of cancellation takes effect. 

If you would like to continue to use All In One CRM, you can do so at $197/mo, and will be a stand-alone service.