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Go High Level vs ClickFunnels Best Sales Funnel Platform Comparison

Go High Level vs Active Campaign

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If you’re torn between Go High Level and ClickFunnels for your sales funnel needs, this article will help you decide by comparing “go high level vs clickfunnels”. We analyze their core features, usability, pricing, and support to highlight which platform suits your business best.

Key Takeaways

    • Go High Level and ClickFunnels cater to different audiences: Go High Level focuses on digital agencies with advanced features like white labeling and client account management, while ClickFunnels is designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, emphasizing ease of creating high converting sales funnels.

    • Go High Level offers a more comprehensive CRM system and multi-channel marketing automation tools compared to ClickFunnels’ more streamlined and focused CRM and email automation capabilities.

    • Both platforms have similar pricing structures with main plans costing $97/month and $297/month, but Go High Level provides an intermediate pricing option and is noted for better customer support, despite having a steeper learning curve.

Key Differences Between Go High Level and ClickFunnels

Consider a craftsman’s toolkit where each tool is meticulously designed for a unique role. Go High Level is the Swiss Army knife for digital agencies, boasting advanced features such as white labeling and client accounts, enabling agencies to brand the platform as their own and manage customer interactions with finesse. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, is the trusty hammer for entrepreneurs and small businesses, a platform that hones in on creating high converting funnels with ease. While both offer robust solutions to build sales funnels, Go High Level goes a step further, providing an arsenal of tools that cater specifically to the intricate needs of digital agencies.

ClickFunnels specializes in guiding users through the sales process, from capturing leads to securing purchases, making it a formidable ally for businesses looking to convert prospects into loyal customers. It’s not just a funnel builder, it’s a conversion-focused companion that empowers businesses to craft journeys that resonate with potential customers.

For agencies desiring a comprehensive command center for their digital operations, Go High Level, with its integrated approach and automation capabilities, becomes an all in one solution powerhouse.

Core Features Comparison: GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels

A deep dive into Go High Level and ClickFunnels’ core features reveals a landscape in which each platform exhibits its unique brilliance. The heart of their offerings lies in funnel building, CRM systems, and email marketing and automation tools. Each platform tailors these key features to suit their audience—Go High Level with advanced tools for agencies, and ClickFunnels with a laser focus on guiding users through a carefully crafted sales process.

Funnel Building Capabilities

Go High Level and ClickFunnels, as the maestros of sales funnel creation—an art and a science—offer their unique styles. Go High Level’s drag-and-drop page builder sings of simplicity and efficiency, allowing agencies to orchestrate comprehensive marketing campaigns with a user-friendly interface. ClickFunnels, the virtuoso of high converting funnels, presents advanced funnel building features that can construct sophisticated funnel flows and personalized customer journeys.

With their templates acting as a canvas, users can easily depict their vision of the ideal sales funnel. ClickFunnels specializes in templates that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are engineered to convert, while Go High Level offers a broader palette for a more diverse array of marketing efforts.

CRM Systems

As customer relationship management forms the backbone of any digital marketing strategy, achieving marketing objectives becomes crucial. Go High Level and ClickFunnels embark on divergent paths here. Go High Level presents an advanced CRM, brimming with features like pipeline management and lead tracking, designed to provide a panoramic view of the customer’s journey. ClickFunnels offers a more streamlined CRM solution, focusing on basic functionalities that enable businesses to keep a pulse on sales pipeline activities and lead follow-ups.

For agencies juggling multiple clients and campaigns, Go High Level’s CRM is a beacon in the chaos, illuminating every interaction and ensuring no detail is missed. ClickFunnels, in its simplicity, provides a CRM that, while basic, adeptly supports the sales funnel and ensures that leads are nurtured towards conversion.

Email Marketing & Automation Tools

Regarding email marketing and automation tools, Go High Level and ClickFunnels both deliver powerful automation features that simplify the sales process. Go High Level’s symphony of multi-channel campaigns utilizes email, SMS marketing, phone, voicemail drops, and even Facebook Messenger to conduct a harmonious follow-up sequence with each lead. ClickFunnels, with a narrower focus, refines the art of automated email sequences, deploying workflows that engage and nurture leads with precision.

Go High Level’s automation tools are like a maestro conducting an orchestra, each instrument playing its part at just the right moment. This level of marketing automation ensures that no lead is left unattended, and the personalized touch can make all the difference in converting a prospect to a paying customer. ClickFunnels’ email marketing services, while not as varied, are nonetheless effective, driving engagement and conversion with less complexity.

Integrations and Customization

In the universe of marketing automation platforms, the ability to integrate with other tools is as crucial as gravity. GoHighLevel’s integrations may be limited, but like a space shuttle reaching for the stars, it extends its reach with third-party connectors like Zapier. Customization is GoHighLevel’s space suit, fitting businesses perfectly regardless of the environment. From messaging to campaign building, it is adaptable to your needs. Its white-labeling capabilities allow you to leave your brand’s imprint universally.

Pricing Structure

Regarding price of entry, Go High Level and ClickFunnels align, offering two main pricing plans at $97/month and $297/month, respectively. Yet, Go High Level distinguishes itself with an intermediate package, offering a middle ground for those craving more than the basics without scaling to the premium tier. ClickFunnels counters with its FunnelHacker plan, a nod to the seasoned funnel architects seeking a comprehensive toolkit at a similar price point, with the option of a discounted annual commitment. Both platforms extend an invitation to test their capabilities with a 14-day free trial, though Go High Level asks for a credit card upfront. This trial period is a golden opportunity for businesses to experience firsthand the power and nuance of each platform before committing to the monthly subscription that will fuel their recurring revenue engines.

GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel offers the following pricing plans:

  1. Agency Starter plan for $97 per month

  2. Agency Unlimited Account for $297 per month

  3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade for an additional $497 per month

These plans allow you to choose the space exploration package that best suits your needs. With the Agency Starter plan, you can launch your marketing missions without breaking the bank. The Agency Unlimited Account allows you to traverse the galaxy without limits. And with the White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade, you have the power to brand your very own spacecraft, all provided by our top-notch marketing agency.

Plus, with a 14-day free trial, you can test the waters before committing to the journey.

User Experience and Support

The voyage through the user experience of Go High Level and ClickFunnels is akin to traversing two distinct terrains. Go High Level, with its sophisticated array of features, presents a steeper learning curve, demanding a more focused climb to mastery, while ClickFunnels offers a path that is intuitive yet rich with depth.

In terms of support, Go High Level takes pride in its responsive and friendly team, which stands in contrast to ClickFunnels’ less acclaimed customer service.

Interface and Usability

The interface serves as a window into a platform’s soul, and here, both Go High Level and ClickFunnels unveil their distinct personalities. Go High Level’s interface, while rich in features, demands a degree of dedication to navigate its complexities, potentially daunting for newcomers. ClickFunnels’ interface, conversely, is designed to welcome users with open arms, offering a more intuitive experience that encourages exploration and creation without an overwhelming array of options.

It’s not just about what tools are available—it’s about how easily one can wield them to craft the desired outcome. Those willing to scale the learning curve of Go High Level are rewarded with a powerful arsenal at their fingertips, while ClickFunnels provides a more accessible, if not as extensive, toolbox for those seeking to quickly and effectively construct their sales funnels.

Customer Support Channels

When seeking the ideal sales funnel platform, considering the available lifelines while navigating unfamiliar terrain is crucial. Go High Level’s customer support emerges as a beacon of assistance, offering timely help through email and live chat, with users often praising the helpfulness and responsiveness of the team. ClickFunnels, while also providing support through these channels, has garnered less favorable reviews, with some users recounting experiences of delayed responses and unsatisfactory interactions.

The quality of customer support can be a deal-breaker for many, as it is the support team that comes to the rescue when users face obstacles or confusion. Go High Level, despite some voiced displeasure, generally stands tall with its customer service reputation, while ClickFunnels faces the challenge of elevating its support to match the high expectations set by its users.

Training Resources

Understanding the importance of empowering their users, both Go High Level and ClickFunnels provide a wealth of training resources to guide users towards mastery. Each platform boasts a library of tutorials and guides, supplemented by customer support, to navigate the intricacies of their offerings. Whether it’s crafting the perfect marketing campaign, optimizing landing pages, or automating complex workflows, the training resources at hand ensure that users have the knowledge to harness the full potential of these powerful tools.

The dedication to education extends beyond the basics, as both platforms strive to foster an active community of learners. Agency owners, marketing professionals, and online business entrepreneurs alike can delve into online courses, participate in interactive webinars, and exchange insights with peers, all facilitated by the extensive library and support team backing them up. These training resources are not just about technical know-how; they’re about inspiring users to innovate and excel in their marketing efforts, making them invaluable for marketing agencies.

Integrations and Third-Party Apps

In the current interconnected digital ecosystem, a platform’s compatibility with others is of utmost importance. Go High Level and ClickFunnels both extend their capabilities through integrations with third-party apps, albeit with differing approaches. ClickFunnels flexes its integration muscles by offering a more direct lineup of third-party applications within its Workflow Builder, allowing users to weave an intricate web of connections that serve their unique business needs.

Go High Level, while not as extensive in its direct integrations, harnesses the power of Zapier to bridge the gap, connecting with a multitude of web apps to extend its functionality. This reliance on an intermediary does not diminish Go High Level’s integrative prowess; rather, it highlights the platform’s adaptability and the ingenuity of its users in crafting a customized ecosystem that supports their marketing campaigns and business processes.

Use Cases and Testimonials

The real evidence lies in the testimonials and use cases, which vividly demonstrate the transformative power of Go High Level and ClickFunnels. Entrepreneurs and agencies have turned to these platforms to amplify their marketing campaigns and elevate their business to new heights.

For instance, Hustle & Grind, an eCommerce store for entrepreneurs, leveraged ClickFunnels to double its primary email list in just six months, showcasing the platform’s prowess in capturing and nurturing potential customers.

Similarly, Marriage Solutions, a marriage counseling company, utilized ClickFunnels to create a simple yet effective landing page that adeptly categorizes its services, demonstrating the platform’s ability to distill complex offerings into an accessible format for users.

These are just a few stories among many, each a testament to how Go High Level and ClickFunnels can be harnessed to meet diverse business needs and drive significant results.

Pros and Cons

In the broader perspective, both Go High Level and ClickFunnels offer a multitude of advantages, along with some drawbacks to consider. Go High Level emerges as an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform, a beacon of automation and efficiency, complemented by a funnel builder that streamlines the creation of high converting funnels. However, some users have reported issues with speed, and the limited third-party integrations, along with a pricing structure that may not be accessible to all, are points of contention.

When comparing other platforms vs ClickFunnels, the latter shines with its intuitive funnel builder and seamless integration with a plethora of marketing tools, making it a favorite among those looking to quickly ramp up their conversion rates. Yet, it is not without its faults, as some features, such as video hosting and a booking tool, are conspicuously absent, and the pricing structure can be a steep climb for those on a tighter budget.

How to Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right marketing automation platform requires careful evaluation of the strengths of each option and how they contribute to the success of your business, much like selecting the right crew for a space mission. Whether you need an all-in-one platform or are focused on an email marketing platform, the choice between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels will significantly impact your marketing trajectory.

For Marketing Agencies

For marketing agencies aiming to launch their clients’ brands into the stratosphere, GoHighLevel is the favored command center. Its full suite marketing platform, complete with a comprehensive suite of tools like CRM, automation, and SMS marketing, equips agencies with the firepower to manage and execute stellar marketing campaigns. With GoHighLevel’s white-labeling feature, agencies can uniquely brand the platform, offering a tailored experience to each client and reinforcing their own brand identity.


As our journey through the intricacies of Go High Level and ClickFunnels comes to a close, the contours of each platform become clear. Go High Level, with its advanced features and marketing automation capabilities, stands as a fortress for digital agencies seeking to consolidate their tools into an all-encompassing hub. ClickFunnels, renowned for its ease of use and effective funnel-building capabilities, is the gateway for entrepreneurs and small businesses to usher leads down the path to purchase.

In the end, the choice between Go High Level and ClickFunnels hinges on the unique needs of your business and the role you envision for your sales funnel platform. Both paths lead to growth and success, but it is the alignment with your business’s vision and objectives that will determine which platform will serve as the wind beneath your sales. Embrace the platform that resonates with your goals, and watch as your digital marketing efforts soar to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Go High Level can be effectively used by businesses other than digital agencies, especially small businesses looking for an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform, despite its advanced features tailored for digital agencies. It may require some effort to master, but it offers a wide range of marketing tools.

Yes, ClickFunnels 2.0 offers robust team collaboration features such as simultaneous editing and user permissions, making it valuable for businesses with multiple team members working on funnels and marketing campaigns together.

Yes, both Go High Level and ClickFunnels offer a 14-day free trial, but Go High Level requires a credit card for signing up, while ClickFunnels does not specify this requirement.

Yes, you can sell online courses with both Go High Level and ClickFunnels, but Go High Level offers more customizable course creation tools and templates for various types of course products.

You can expect responsive and helpful customer support from Go High Level via email and live chat. ClickFunnels also provides customer support through email and live chat, but some users have reported less satisfactory experiences with response times and assistance.

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