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Go High Level vs HubSpot:
Choosing the Best CRM Platform for Your Business

Go High Level vs Active Campaign

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Deciding between “go high level vs hubspot” for your business’s CRM needs? This article compares these two popular platforms head-to-head. You’ll learn about their key features, pricing plans, user experiences, and more. Whether you need an all-in-one marketing platform like GoHighLevel or a user-friendly CRM with strong inbound marketing tools like HubSpot, we have you covered in this go high level vs hubspot comparison.

Key Takeaways

  • GoHighLevel and HubSpot offer distinct CRM solutions, with GoHighLevel being an all-in-one marketing tool ideal for agencies, while HubSpot provides a user-friendly CRM with comprehensive inbound marketing tools.

  • GoHighLevel excels in marketing automation and communication channels with features like webinar funnels, two-way SMS conversations, and integration with social media, whereas HubSpot focuses more on content marketing and advanced email marketing with detailed analytics.

  • Pricing and integration capabilities differ significantly, with GoHighLevel offering more budget-friendly options starting at $97 per month and fewer integrations, while HubSpot’s pricing ranges from free to enterprise plans starting at $800 per month, offering extensive third-party integrations.

Overview of GoHighLevel & HubSpot

In the red corner, GoHighLevel strides in as an all-in-one marketing behemoth, armed with a suite of tools tailored for the agile agency. With CRM features, automated marketing, sales funnels, and social media prowess, HighLevel makes a compelling case for agencies aiming to dominate the digital arena.

Opposite, in the blue corner, HubSpot stands with its illustrious reputation in the HubSpot community. It offers:

  • A HubSpot CRM that’s a beacon of user-friendliness

  • A comprehensive suite of inbound marketing tools

  • A solid foundation for small to medium-sized IT and marketing mavens.

Feature Comparison: GoHighLevel vs HubSpot

When comparing GoHighLevel to HubSpot, it’s akin to contrasting a Swiss Army knife with a specialized toolkit; the value of each depends on your specific needs. GoHighLevel boasts a robust selection including email marketing, automation workflows, and analytics, positioning itself as a Swiss Army knife for the marketing industry.

HubSpot, with its user friendly interface, offers a comprehensive suite that includes a content management system, sales tools, and customer services, making it a go-to toolkit for enhancing sales efforts and managing customer interactions vs HubSpot alternatives.

Marketing Automation Tools

Diving into marketing automation, GoHighLevel’s platform is loaded with advanced features from lead generation to AI-powered analytics that facilitate data-driven decisions. GoHighLevel takes the lead with webinar funnels and strategic optimization tools, while HubSpot excels in content marketing and inbound marketing, though its Marketing Starter plan may limit your form and email automation capabilities. Both platforms are examples of marketing automation software that cater to different business needs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In the CRM realm, both platforms deliver robust solutions to manage your multitude of customer interactions and assist your business journey. GoHighLevel’s CRM simplifies the voyage with a user friendly interface, ensuring every lead is charted and no treasure trove of opportunities is missed.

HubSpot, with its vast map of features, provides a comprehensive CRM, offering extensive integrations and advanced reporting tools for businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Sales Tools

Both platforms bolster sales efforts with a range of tools designed for precision targeting. HubSpot’s arsenal includes email templates and pipeline management, aiding archers in tracking leads from a first glance to a handshake deal.

Meanwhile, GoHighLevel unleashes a barrage of email and SMS marketing tools, appointment scheduling, and a unique feature – payment processing capability – to capture the spoils of war.

Communication Channels

Communication forms the core of customer relationships, and both platforms invigorate an array of channels. GoHighLevel integrates a symphony of email, SMS, and social media messaging, allowing a harmonious two-way communication.

HubSpot orchestrates its own melody, focusing on email and broadcast SMS messages, ensuring no note is missed in the customer services score.

Email Marketing

Email marketing constitutes a key component in the communication strategy, and both platforms handle this with remarkable precision. GoHighLevel’s email marketing suite resonates with customizable templates and advanced automation, harmonizing your marketing campaigns.

HubSpot’s suite sings with a drag-and-drop editor and personalized emails, backed by detailed analytics that help fine-tune your pitch to perfection.

SMS Messages

In the realm of SMS messages, GoHighLevel and HubSpot follow different strategies, with the former incorporating Google Business Messages. GoHighLevel encourages a tango of two-way SMS conversations, allowing customers to lead and follow in a seamless exchange.

HubSpot, meanwhile, prefers the waltz of broadcast SMS messages, maintaining a graceful, one-directional flow of communication.

Social Media Management

Social media management is an arena where both platforms excel, each with their distinct strategies. GoHighLevel integrates tools to manage and track engagement, complementing its communication tools ensemble.

HubSpot, on the other hand, offers a suite of advanced scheduling and analytics tools, allowing businesses to perform a synchronized dance across all social media stages.

Pricing Plans

Concerning the investment in CRM platforms, pricing plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. GoHighLevel and HubSpot each compose their own pricing sonatas, offering flexibility and competitive pricing to suit different business sizes and needs.

GoHighLevel Pricing

GoHighLevel’s pricing crescendos from a modest $97 per month for the Starter plan to a robust $297 for the Unlimited plan, with a symphony of features suitable for various marketing campaigns.

For those seeking to conduct their own branding orchestra, white labeling options add an extra layer of customization, striking a chord with agencies looking to resonate with their own brand identity.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot’s pricing suite starts with a free CRM, scaling up to professional and enterprise concertos that start at $800 and $1,200 per month, respectively. This composition of plans caters to a range of businesses, from soloists to full orchestras, with the option to apply for startup discounts that sweeten the melody.

User Experience and Interface

A user interface is the platform for users to perform their daily tasks, and both GoHighLevel and HubSpot have designed theirs for straightforward navigation and efficient performance. GoHighLevel opts for an intuitive interface that reduces the learning curve, while HubSpot’s standardized and comprehensive suite may require a few rehearsals to master.

Intuitive Interface

GoHighLevel’s intuitive interface acts as a spotlight, guiding users effortlessly through its features. With a clear focus on simplicity, it allows even those with minimal technical background to take center stage and create impactful marketing campaigns.

User-Friendly Interface

HubSpot’s interface is the script that guides users through its acts, ensuring consistency and standardization. It’s a script that may seem elaborate at first but ultimately leads to a well-rehearsed and seamless user experience.

Customer Support & Resources

Customer support from a CRM platform can be the guiding force that ensures smooth operation of your business. GoHighLevel offers a 24/7 support ensemble, while HubSpot provides an extensive library of resources and a hubspot community to turn to for guidance.

24/7 Customer Support

Around-the-clock availability ensures that the curtain never falls on your business operations. GoHighLevel’s 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone acts as an ever-present stagehand, ready to assist at any moment.

Knowledge Base and Community

Knowledge is the script from which businesses draw their strategies. HubSpot offers a comprehensive knowledge base, and through HubSpot Academy, provides extensive training akin to an acting school for businesses.

GoHighLevel’s Facebook Community and Ideas Board act as forums for peer advice, sharing strategies akin to an actors’ roundtable discussion.

Integration Capabilities

A CRM’s interoperability with other platforms is similar to an orchestra’s capacity to synchronize with guest performers. HubSpot’s extensive integrations allow it to perform seamlessly with a myriad of services, while GoHighLevel opts for a more solo performance, with a narrower range of integration options.

Scalability and Flexibility

The capability to scale and adjust is a distinguishing feature of a superior CRM platform. GoHighLevel offers a composition of advanced features and customizable options, supporting agencies as they expand their repertoire.

HubSpot’s comprehensive marketing CRM and feature range provide the framework for businesses to scale their performance to larger audiences.

Agency-Focused Features

GoHighLevel stands out with its agency-centric features, offering white labeling and reputation management that enable agencies to tailor their own operations.

HubSpot, with its strong focus on inbound marketing strategies, provides the stage for businesses to attract and engage audiences.

Making an Informed Decision

The final step in choosing a CRM involves making an informed decision that fits your business’s needs and objectives. Consider your initial business needs and objectives, and take advantage of live demos and trial periods to ensure the features of GoHighLevel or HubSpot play the right role in your business’s story.


As the curtain draws to a close on our comparison, it’s clear that both GoHighLevel and HubSpot offer compelling performances in the CRM arena. Whether you seek the versatile toolkit of GoHighLevel or the structured symphony of HubSpot, your choice should harmonize with your business’s unique melody. Let your decision resonate with your goals, and may your CRM choice amplify your business’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GoHighLevel can be valuable for any business seeking advanced marketing automation and CRM capabilities, not just marketing agencies.


Yes, you can integrate HubSpot CRM with GoHighLevel, but it may come with additional costs and complexity.

Yes, HubSpot offers discounts for startups and a 10% discount for the Marketing Starter plan if paid annually. These discounts can help save on pricing plans.

You can expect 24/7 customer support from GoHighLevel through live chat, email, and phone, so you can get assistance at any time.

Yes, you can manage social media through both GoHighLevel and HubSpot as they both offer social media management tools.

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